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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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4-Step Follow Up Tips For WSGT – Russell DeWitt

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Russell Dewitt is author of multiple books including Gutsy Choices: Action Steps for Super Life Change.

Russell went “the normal route” as a youth. He went to college, got a job, and “worked his way up” corporate. To further his chances to become an executive, Russell went to night school and earned an MBA.

His number one lesson upon earning the degree was “Corporate life is not for me.”

He then quit his corporate job and contract to speak at business seminars. He spoke at over 500 events in a five-year span. He eventually grew weary with traveling and desire to be home with his family more often.

He stopped his travelling, started substitute teaching at the local schools, and searched for a means to work-at-home.

Then, he found MOBE.

Russell began as a Platinum consultant and admits, “I was clueless” as it concerned internet marketing. He discovered a means for guaranteed buyers, utilized it, and earned $27,500 his first 14 weeks marketing with MOBE.

Russell is now a six-figure earner with MOBE and spends most of his time at home. He says he enjoys his daily 2 ½ hour lunch breaks, visits the gym daily, and often eats lunch with his children at their schools.

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