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Tuesday Apr 17, 2018
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The internship…
“”the internship””
Hey, see this movie? (It applies)

Email Body Copy:

The Internship…

‘Tis a new movie that just came up on ye olde rental queue.

(Gotta love a movie when it starts off with two dudes singing Alanis
Morissette in their car in order to get themselves pumped up.)

Here’s the story:

Two old school salesman, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan,
get laid off from selling Watches. Basically, they had been told that
their industry was now a Dinosaur.

That they were obsolete.

Searching online for something, anything, they come across an Internship
opportunity with Google.

Now this is NOT a logical decision to apply for this internship, considering
they were about twice the age of any other intern applying for the job.

But they did have a dream. A desire to do something B-I-G in their lives.

And so they gave it a shot.

They had little experience. Nobody believed in them. Massive talent was
all around them… It seemed like there would be no way they’d have a
chance at landing their dream job there at Google.

Now they were failing pretty massively most of the movie…

It’s interesting, the very point that things starting turning around for them,
the moment that they started *Winning*, was when they started playing
as a team.

Yep. That was it! When they started having fun together, going out on the
town, and supporting one another, their confidence soared, and they
started getting crazy good results.

And that’s something I want to drive home to you today.

You can try this business by yourself. And yea, you MAY become
successful (though all the successful people I know didn’t do it that way).

Going solo limits your ideas, you get frustrated and give up easier, you
have zero input to help you past your roadblocks you’ll inevitably come
across frequently, and you simply will have LESS FUN…

…Everything changes though when you have a successful team and
friends on your side.

That’s what the “”right”” type of event can do for you.

The “”right”” event, you’ll never forget.

It WILL be the catalyst to your successful business.

THE event will be right here:

See ya there,



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