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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Titanium Mastermind 2014 Details – Bahamas

Details for the upcoming Titanium Mastermind (19th September – 23rd September)


As a Titanium Mastermind member, will you now have access to some of the smartest minds on the planet when it comes to wealth, marketing, and personal development… but, you’ll also have the exclusive rights to market this same program, and make $3,000 commissions per sale.


Dates for Annual Titanium Mastermind, 2014

The annual Titanium Mastermind conference for 2014, will be held in the Bahamas, from the 19th – 23rd September.


So, you’ll want to arrive in Cabo on Friday September 27th. We’ll have a welcome dinner that night at 7pm for the entire group..

Day 1 of the 3 day Mastermind will begin the next day (Saturday).

The 3rd and last full day will be the 30th of September (Monday) – and then you’re free to depart on the 1st October (Tuesday).

It’s highly recommended you get in a day or two early, or, stay a few a few days after.

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place. During the 3 day Mastermind we’ll be busy doing a lot of training (and also having fun) so you may want to stay a few extra days, to enjoy the resort.


The One Thing You Need To Do Now If You’re Attending:


Please email our event planners, Laurel and Glynis, at right now if you’re planning on coming.


They’ll reply with a form that you must fill out.  Unless you get this form back to them, you and your guest won’t be on the attendee list, and you won’t have a room reserved – so it’s very important this is done as soon as possible.

In your email, please let them know if you have any special requirements.

NOTE: we will take care of booking your rooms and transfers from Cabo airport to the hotel.  Do not make your reservations directly with the hotel.  All you need to do is book your flight, and email us to get the form, fill it out, and everything else is taken care of.

The Venue:

We are staying at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar, which is about a 10 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas, and, about 20 minutes from the airport.

We’re going to be renting out the entire resort just for our Titanium Mastermind members!

Here’s a video that shows you just how beautiful the place is:

Your rate is all inclusive and includes our GROUP breakfast, lunch and dinner in our group locations. (The only other food outlet for our group will be the at the Sirenas poolside bar from 10am -6pm)  Drinks will be available throughout the resort – and are free. Mini bar in room is not included.

Children under 5 years and under are free. *

Children 5-12 are $65 per child per night *

Children 12-18 are $95. per child per night *

Double room (2 people) is $340 per night

FYI if just one additional adult was coming the single rate is $169. per person per night

A maximum of 4 people in a room (This includes adults and children)


“What If I Want To Stay A Few Extra Nights At The Resort?”

You’ll need to pay for the extra nights at the resort – but, you’ll be able to use our group discount rate if you email and tell them about it.

Additional all inclusive days are offered to the guests at our rate of $340 per night for two people, or $239 per person per night for a single person.

This rate is available for 3 days before and 3 days after the event.  So you may arrive on Monday the 23rd of September or stay until October 3rd at our group rate and based on availability.

Again, do not make your reservations directly with the hotel, we will take care of rooms and transfers.  If you want to stay extra nights, please email with details.


Who Are The Speakers?

I don’t think I’ve seen a more impressive line up of speakers at any mastermind / event than who we have speaking at this years Titanium Mastermind:

Joe Sugarman

James Schrampko

Mike Hill

Larry Benet

Mike Koenigs

Lisa Grossman

Curtis Broome

Dave Van Hoose

… and yours truly.

There may be one or two other surprise speakers added.

Every single one of these people are true masters of their craft.

They are among the best lead generation experts, direct response marketers, networkers, and sales professionals on the planet.

Over the 3 days, you’ll have the opportunity to talk 1-on-1 with each of these people.

I highly, highly recommend you start thinking of questions to ask them.  Bring your camera for photo opportunities.

Show up prepared, and you’ll get the absolute most value out of this mastermind.


Flying Into Cabo San Lucas:

Personally, I use to book most of my flights.

Again – I recommend you arrive a day or two early, or stay a few extra nights, so you can really explore Cabo and enjoy the place.  During the Mastermind, we’ll be spending a good deal of time in training sessions.

The airport code for Cabo is:  SJD

When you type that into the ‘destination airport’ in any fligth booking website, this is the airport that should come up:

San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico (SJD-Los Cabos Intl.)


“What Kind Of Activities Will We Be Doing?”

75% of the Mastermind will be us doing live training sessions.

Many of these will be interactived.

About 25% of the time, we’ll be out of the seminar room doing fun activies.

You’ll have the option to choose which one you’d like to do – we’ll follow up with you when we get closer to the event to ask which you’d prefer.

Here’s some of them (the videos are not mine – but they give a rough idea of what the activity is like):

Horseback riding on the beach

Jetskiing and other watersports

Sunset Cruises

Beach Buggies

Zip lining

Polaris RZR’s on the beach

… and moer coming soon.

Clubbing: there’s lots of clubs in Cabo San Lucas for those of you who are into the party scene.  It’s about a $10 – $20 cab ride from the resort.

I recommend you don’t stay out too late during the actual mastermind – since you want to be alert for the early morning sessions.  Save the really late nights for the extra nights you stay. I might even join you after the Masterminds over!


Rough Itinerary:

Thursday Sept 26th: Special bonus day

Friday Sept 27th: Group Arrives, Welcome reception and dinner beginning at 7pm

Saturday Sept 28th: First day of training/meeting

Sunday Sept 29th: Second day of training/meeting

Monday September 30th: Third and final day of training/meeting

Tuesday Oct 1: Group departs (although you are welcome to stay on for a few days)


“Why Do I Need To Be At This Titanium? Why Can’t I Just Go To The Next One?”

Let me tell you a quick story.

It was early 2010…

I was in a top tier direct sales company, and I was doing just ‘ok.’

They also offered high end Masterminds – with the highest one being $15,000, which I’d invested in a year before.

It was scheduled to be held in about 2 months.  I wanted to go, but, a part of me thought, “I’m going to wait till I’m actually getting good results in this business, and, I have more money coming in.  Then I’ll go.”

I was in a tight spot financially -the airfare was about $2,000 from Australia, and even though I could have found that money if I really wanted to – I didn’t have it on hand.

So I decided to go to the next one.

The ironic thing is, the ‘next one’ never came.  That company went out of business, and to this day I never got to go to that $15,000 Mastermind I invested in (and I never will).

It serves me right – the opportunity was right there in front of me, and I let it pass me by.

I couldn’t see at the time how my thinking held me back (but in hindsight, with a lot more experience under my belt, I can see it as clear as daylight).

I was allowing such a tiny, puny little thing (a lousy couple of grand) to stop me from going.  It was easy to ‘put it off till later’ – even though I knew deep down I should have gone.  So I took the easy option.

My advice to you, is don’t make this an ‘optional’ thing.

Don’t think, “if I get a few sales… then I’ll go.”

Or whatever your ‘if [insert condition] … then I’ll go’ excuse is.

The people who do make the most money in MOBE don’t make excuses.

They show up to all our live events, especially the Titanium and Platinum Masterminds, because they know it’s the best thing they can do for their business.

Just decide right now that you’re going. Go to and book those flights.

Invite your guest, and tell them they’re coming to Cabo for a few days, and won’t have to pay for any of it.


Optional Bonus Day: Have Matt’s Team Create Your First Info-Product, And A ‘MOBE Bonus Sales Funnel’ To Boost Your MOBE Commissions…

Friday, 27th of September

This bonus day will be held the day before the offical Titanium Mastermind begins.

Here’s a quick summary:

If you’re going to participate in it, you’ll want to arrive the night before (Thursday, 26th September) – where we’ll have a private dinner just for those attending the bonus day.

What we’ll be covering in this bonus day:

The purpose is simple:  by the time you go home from Cabo, just a few days later, you’re going to have an info-product you can either sell, or, use as a bonus offer to entice people to join MOBE, helping you make more sales.

There’s a reason why you see all the guru’s do bonus offers when they promote one another; they work.

This info-product you’ll be able to offer as a bonus, will be a video series starring the top earners in MOBE.

Each of them will have a short amount of time on stage to share their very best marketing tips.

This will be the perfect bonus for you to offer.  Why?  Anyone thinking of joining MOBE wants one thing: to do very well.

Who better for them to learn from, than the top earners in MOBE?  They’ll only be able to access this info-product if they join MOBE through YOU, using your links (and giving you the commission).

Here’s how the bonus day will look:

1.)  There’s be about 3 hours of solid teaching – where the top earners in MOBE will get up on stage, and share their best secrets..

This will be recorded, and then packaged as an info-product, that you and the other attendees of the bonus day will have exclusive rights to.

You’ll be able to sell this for $497, OR, use it as a bonus to entice people to invest in a MOBE product through your link.

You won’t be able to give it away for free, as that would defeat the purpose and ruin it for the other 39 people who will be a part of this bonus day.

2.)  We’ll then have you fill out template, so we can create your bonus page website, with your own unique details (we’ll give you the template, and you just fill in the blanks).

3.)  Photo shoot: you’ll get your photo taken with Matt Lloyd, founder of MOBE (as well as all the top earners in MOBE) – and you’ll be able to put these on your bonus page.

These won’t be the typical event photos you see, where people are wearing name tags, and it looks like an attend

These will feature you and the top earners in fun and casual situations – like sitting by the pool, or on the beach.  We want these to look natural, and to show that this is your life.  Association is a powerful positioning tool in marketing.

You’ll also get an individual celebrity photo shoot included.  These will be professional photos you can plaster all over your Facebook fan page, blog, etc…

4.)  Videos.  We’ll have our professional camera guys make a short video of you, with the ocean / resort in the background, where you are giving a quick overview of your bonus.  This will then go on your bonus page.

The Investment:

The Investment for this 1 day workshop is just $1,997.

If you’re a Platinum Member, the investment is:  $1,497 (save $500)

(Note:  if you’d like to upgrade to Platinum to get the discount, please contact your account manager / coach in MOBE).

There’s also a $500 commission paid on this bonus day – so if any of your direct MOBE team members invest, you make a $500 commission!

It’s highly recommended you reach out to your team, and you yourself attend the bonus day and encourage your team to attend with you.

Bring just one or two people, and, your flight to Cabo San Lucas is covered.

A maximum of 40 people will be accepted and allowed to attend.

Since there’s a lot of work and fulfillment involved, we unfortunately can’t accept more than 40 people for this bonus day.

So far, 18 of these spots are already filled, so there are 22 left.  We are inviting all Titanium members who are attending Cabo (roughly 200 so far), so if you want a spot please complete the investment now.  When spots are filled, we’ll disable the order form below so you know.

ORDER FORM LINK (coming soon -reach out to your MOBE coach in the mean time – or contact Matt Lloyd directly on Facebook.).

During the main event you can bring your guest into the seminar room…but, during this 1 day session, we ask that just yourself attend the workshop.

This won’t be a teaching session, but more a very interactive session where we work with you 1-on-1.  The fewer people in the room, the easier we’ll be able to get a lot of work done.

Participation is required: this is not a passive day… you’ll be quite active, putting together these marketing campaigns, but, with our guidance.

Included in the bonus day:

The bonus day also includes an extra night for 2 people at the Sheraton resort… as well as 3 extra meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner (all expenses paid) – for 2 people.

You’ll want to arrive on the 26th, Thursday night.

That night, we’ll have a private dinner just for bonus day attendees – this will start at 7pm.

We’ll all meet at 9am the next day (Friday the 27th) – and work till 5pm.

The opening dinner for the Titanium Mastermind officially begins at 6.30pm that same night – so this is when the rest of the group will join us (several hundred people).

Why only 40 spots?

This won’t be so much of a teaching session… as it will be an interactive session.

I myself, along with the other MOBE trainers, will be working with each of the attendees, creating these pages.

You will go home from Cabo with the entire thing completed, and, ready to go.

Please make absolute sure you bring your laptop.

This bonus day will be the best time and place for photos with the MOBE top earners.  If you want to do a quick video with one of the speakers and they’re here, this will also be the best time.

During the main Mastermind, there’ll be several hundred people in attendance so it will be much harder to get photos, etc.

Entry Requirements Flying Into Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

Entry requirements:  If you are travelling into the US and then on to Mexico read this:

All destination countries, including the United States, have travel document requirements for entry.  In addition to any travel document requirements for departure, customers must satisfy travel document requirements for entry into the destination country and, depending on the itinerary, for transit through a country.  More info can be found at

Customers seeking entry into the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can review additional information on the U.S. Department of State website.

In addition, all VWP travelers are required to obtain an authorization via ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) before traveling to the U.S. Travelers who do not obtain ESTA authorization prior to travel may be denied aircraft boarding. Travelers applying for ESTA will be subject to an ESTA application fee. Apply and learn more on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.

Mexico  Travel information can be found at:


Weather In Cabo:

During our Mastermind, we’ll be at the end of the rainy season, so you can expect hot and humid with some rain showers during the day.

Average temperatures are in the 90’s (30 C).  Ocean temperature is said to be like bath water.


If You’re Bringing Kids:

Additional children or guests will be the responsibility or the attendee and will be directly charged by the hotel and paid by the attendee upon departure.  Each attendee will need to present a credit card upon checking in at the hotel.

Sheraton Kids Club:

Parents looking for a little personal time and kids looking for a lot of fun will delight in our Sheraton Adventure Kids Club. Kids ages 4 – 12 can come spend an hour, a half day, or a full day making friends and expanding their horizons with supervised indoor and outdoor activities. Our professionally trained staff members are Red Cross- and CPR-certified, and all share a passion for caring for and entertaining children.

For Kids:

A large, brand-new Kids Club open near the entrance of the Hacienda del Mar. Indoors, up to 30 kids can enjoy flat-screen TVs with video game systems; craft tables for making pinatas, clay art, masks, jewelry and picture frames; Spanish lessons; Loteria (Mexican bingo) with prizes; and face painting. Outside there isbe beach play and a large kids-only pool with a mushroom waterfall in the center, accommodating up to 30 additional children.

For Teens:

There are lots of opportunities for water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and fishing. La Princesa Sailing Cruises are super affordable. For a reasonable fee, you can enjoy a leisurely sail on a Catamaran up to Bahia Santa Maria. There you can snorkel (equipment included in your fee), enjoy drinks and snacks, and return by 3:30 p.m. to Cabo San Lucas harbor. The whole family will enjoy a ride aboard The Buccaneer Queen, a restored pirate ship that truly looks the part. Afternoon snorkeling, whale watching (in season) and evening pirate adventures are available.


“If I’m Bringing My Family, What Kind Of Things Can They Do During The Training Sessions?”

Firstly, your guest is perfectly welcome to join us in the main seminar room during the teaching sessions.  If you have children, they are also welcome – if they are under 12, please be sure noise levels are kept to a minimum, as we’ll be recording.

If your extras don’t want to attend the sessions, they can go hang out at the pool, lay on the beach, or spend some time at the spa.

Also, Cabo San Lucas is just a 10 minute taxi ride away.

“Is The Beach At The Resort Safe To Swim In?”

It’s advised you don’t swim in the ocean unless you’re a strong swimmer.  There’s rips which can be dangerous – so you’re best of sticking to the swimming pools, of which there are plenty at the resort.

“Is Alcohol Included?”

I thought I would add this question in.  YES, drinks are free, and unlimited at the resort.  There’s several bars (including pool bars).  However – please drink in moderation during the Mastermind – because it’s important you’re alert for those morning sessions.

“What Kind Of Clothes Should I Bring?”

Bring casual clothes, and, also one set of clothes for a formal dinner. The weather will be warm and humid.

Make sure you bring bathers, as well as some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in (for the activities).


“Any Little Extra Things?”

Bring a camera – preferably one that does both photos and video.

Just as we did at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji, we’re going to have a contest for the best video testimonial of the event.

I’ll likely be giving out cash – and, it will be a significant amount.

So, bring both your camera, and, a laptop where you can edit the video with something like imovie (for Mac owners) or Windows Media Player.

The video doesn’t have to be too fancy – what I’m looking for, is something that’s entertaining

You might even start doing some filming from the moment you get on the plane, and then arrive at the resort.

I also recommend you make a short video before you arrive in Cabo – just to practice editing, etc.  That way, you’ll be able to make your video fast and submit for judging – which will likely happen at the farewell dinner, on the last night.

This time, we’ll also have a contest for the best photos.  So, take lots and lots of photos over the Mastermind (we’ll also all be able to use these in our marketing to promote MOBE).

The Titanium Mastermind Program Offers:

Here’s the promo vidoe for this event:

Here’s a few pictures of Cabo:

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