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Tuesday Apr 17, 2018
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7 Figure Freedom Formula (7FFF)

Email Follow Up Sequence To Add To Your Autoresponder:

Email Swipe Example #1

Subject: Your big chance is finally here (VIDEO)

Imagine being a ‘fly on the wall’ in a fast growing multi-million dollar business and seeing ‘exactly’ how it runs and works on a day-to-day basis …

… how it makes its money … how it acquires new customers … how it turns a profit …

Then imagine getting permission to copy the exact formula to start or enhance your own online business.

How much faster could you grow your new venture?

How much time would it save you?

How much trial and error would you avoid?

Well that’s precisely what you’ll get when you …

Apply the 7-Figure Freedom Formula for just $1

As a member, you’ll get instant access to the step-by-step success blueprint that thousands of people have used to experience success, and 8 have even gone from zero to 7 figures, and beyond.

When you click the link below you’ll meet the newest 7-figure earners and get instant access to their ‘done for you’ system and campaigns …

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The entire 21-step system, LIVE webinars, exclusive closed door interviews with 7-figure earners, private Facebook group, PLUS some amazing bonus gifts valued at more than $567.

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Email Swipe Example #2

Subject: Get ready for some big changes (VIDEO)

We’re on the home stretch at the end of 2016 and it’s time for YOU to experience some big financial changes!

The kind of changes that you have always dreamed of and deserve.

It’s time for you to become a 7-figure online earner.

Hundreds of people are already on the path and you can be too.

Even though I’ve never met you, I have a VERY strong belief in you and your ability to succeed if you get your hands on the right system, and with proper coaching.

I’ve seen people just like YOU do extraordinary things.

This 7-Figure Freedom Formula may just be the answer you’ve been searching for:

It’s been designed for people just like you, to make it much easier for you to get results so you can experience more freedom.

Freedom is not a pipe dream reserved exclusively for the rich elite … but it also won’t come

by chance either; it takes a concerted effort.

It’s a very real possibility, if you’re ready for it.

But it requires action.

Procrastination and fear will kill success.

Imagine if you continue on the path you’ve been on for the last five years.

Will you get the things you want and deserve in life?

Probably not; you wouldn’t be here if you could.

You owe it to yourself and your family to click the link and watch the short video before it’s removed:

Watching this video could be a game-changer for you.

Remember, real opportunities like this don’t come along often. Watch this video and avoid making the same mistakes you have made in the past.

Your life matters, so does your family; and, today could be the day you make a decision that impacts your future forever.

Here’s the way I look at it …

You may only get one shot, so don’t miss your chance.

Watch this video right now before it’s removed, and get ready for some big changes.

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Email Swipe Example #3

Subject: They told me not to share this … (VIDEO)

If you haven’t made at least $1000 online yet, you need to quickly watch this short video while it’s still online:

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I’m breaking all the rules right now to get you in on this.

They told me not to share it with anyone else, but this is simply too good and I highly encourage you to check it out right away.

I have already seen proof that this is real!

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Email Swipe Example #4

Subject: Demand for this shortcut is huge … (Sneak Peek)

Ready to start living the good life?

This 7-figure shortcut is only $1.

But trust me, it has tremendous value and huge upside potential for you if you act fast before all the spots are taken!

Either way, demand for this 7-Figure Freedom Formula is huge. That’s because, with it, you can

create time, money and location freedom when you ACT on the exclusive knowledge.

Get a sneak peek at this extraordinary formula right now.

Your results will soon follow!

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Email Swipe Example #5

Subject: Get everything you’ve ever wanted out of life … (Sneak Peek)

Hey there …

You gotta check this out. It’s something you need to see right away if you want to make a lot more money and experience a lot more freedom.

It’s a short video on how normal, everyday men and women are using a new system to turn small actions into life-changing results.

When we first discovered this, we had no idea how many people had experienced significant results, but we now know this is the real deal.

This is the raw and uncut story of how an ordinary couple from Texas, crossed the one million dollar mark by following very simple steps. And you can do it too!

If there’s one shortcut to success online, it’s this:

Find someone who is getting the results you want and then copy their formula.

Unfortunately most successful people online won’t let you copy them at all … but this couple is willing if you act fast.

Their shortcut makes it possible for you to get everything you’ve ever wanted out of life … especially more time (that will make more sense after you watch the video).

See the rest of their formula >> Press here now <<

They’ll show you how to focus on simple tasks that literally anyone can do each day …

… tasks which take no more than 30 – 45 minutes per day, but are proven to turn beginners into online rockstars.

SO ….

If you want a head-start on achieving your 2017 financial goals …

Then check this out.

I think you’ll love it.

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Email Swipe Example #6

Subject: Over $150,000 in the first 4 months … (Sneak Peek)

Hey there friend,

I thought you would find this video extremely beneficial.

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The strategies are proven to work to generate full or part-time income online.

I personally used these strategies to earn $23,847.62 in the past 6 1/2 weeks online.

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You will hear from 2 ordinary people who have implemented these strategies to achieve significant results, as well as many others.

It’s a system they used to earn $30,000 in 24 hours … over $150,000 in their first 4 months … and a total of more than $1 million in commissions since they started.

I know, it sounds unbelievable … but in this case it’s 100% true!

The video could be pulled down any minute so watch it right now while it’s still accessible.

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Email Swipe Example #7

Subject: Your chance to earn 7-figures & Dominate 2017 …

Did you know there is a powerful, proven, and exciting way to finally build wealth … for ordinary folks just like you and me.

This 7-Figure Freedom Formula throws any old ideas you had about making money online out the window, and can immediately open a whole new world of opportunity, starting right away.

This isn’t some magic pill or potion in any way, shape or form…instead it is a real, viable way to start making extra income online.

I personally know the couple featured in this video and they will show you a way to bypass the roadblocks keeping you stuck, stressed and confused …

It’s something I highly recommend you check out immediately.


You’ll discover a very successful alliance of marketers that are absolutely crushing it online.

And if you act fast you can copy the exact system they all use to make 7-figures online.

This is an extremely time-sensitive invitation.

So far everyone is raving about their collective success.

They have such a tight community, where every member involved is willing to help you achieve your own success.

I believe 2017 is YOUR breakout year, and I want to help jumpstart your new success.

Big things are on the horizon.

==> Grab Your 7-Figure Freedom Formula Today! >> Press here now <<

How you start the new year will determine how you finish.

It is up to you to lay the proper foundation right now so you can DOMINATE in 2017!

It’s time to raise your financial bar!

Let’s make 2017 one for the record books.

==> Grab Your 7-Figure Freedom Formula Today! >> Press here now <<

Use this wisely my friend!


Speak soon,


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