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Tuesday May 15, 2018
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IM Revolution eBook Email Copy

Email #1

Subject: Business Model Cost Me $150K. It’s Yours for Next-to-Nothing…

Hello __________,

You’ve heard that people can make a lot of money with the Internet, right?

I know: that’s a stupid question. You probably get emails you get in your inbox every other day telling you how to make a fortune online. You’re probably totally fed up with it too, right?

It’s understandable.

But it’s true: even someone who knows next-to-nothing about Internet marketing can still make more than $100,000 a year at it.

The catch is that it could take you several years and a lot of money to figure out how.

I am going to tell you about a much faster, much less expensive way.

But first, a little back story…

In early 2008, while Matt Lloyd was still in college, he saw an ad online that said something like, “Make $5,000 a week working just two hours a day.” He was intrigued. He got very interested and then enthusiastic about it. He contacted the company and signed up to promote their products.

But all that did was give him the right to sell their products and take commissions. It did not provide him the marketing framework—the systems and processes that make online sales possible.

He had to figure all of it out for himself, from the ground up. It was a couple of years of trial and error—a couple years of sitting in front of his computer 12 hours a day, seven days a week, reading everything he could find about selling online; ordering books and courses and studying them; learning technical subjects like WordPress, email autoresponders, and more.

By the time he’d figured out how it all worked, and created the necessary systems and processes and started making good, dependable income (more than $10,000 per month), he’d spent three years and $150,000.

You could do the same thing—from scratch, the hard way. You’d probably figure it out, just like he did. And you might even do as well as he’s done…eventually.

Or you could do it easily—in weeks or months—and for far less money.

In Matt’s book, IM Revolution (the “IM” stands for “Internet Marketing”), He tells you about the system he created for making money online—a system that’s generated more than $150 million in sales for my company—and how you can plug into it and start making commissions of 90% right away.

The reason the IM Revolution system is so effective is that it debunks the #1 myth about online success: traffic. Most Internet “gurus” push the idea that all you need is traffic: Get traffic and you will get rich.

It’s simply not true. There is something far more important than traffic and Matt reveals what it is in IM Revolution. When you see this, you will know that you can make a lot of money with it.

And right now, you can pick up a copy of IM Revolution and find out about his system for for less than one-hundredth of one percent of what it cost him to develop.

Why would he be willing to sell you access to his system for so little?

For one thing, people are sometimes skeptical about these kinds of offers. They won’t risk more than a few dollars for them.

Secondly, Matt needs to continue to find productive partners—people who can see the potential of this system and go “all in” on it. When they do that, they earn huge commissions. They can attain the kind of financial freedom that lets them quit their day jobs, work from wherever they want, whenever they want.

He also gets a small percentage of each sale, so it’s win-win.

IM Revolution is sort of like McDonald’s. People purchase a McDonald’s franchise because they know they can make a lot of money with it. McDonald’s is a system that works. The products, procedures, and marketing are built in and it’s easy to duplicate. Franchisees just plug into the proven program and they succeed. The company receives a percentage from each franchised restaurant.

(IM Revolution is not a franchise but is similar in several ways.)

The IM Revolution system has produced several millionaires. Many of my partners are making multiple five- and six-figure incomes. Thousands of people have earned commissions with it.

Read more about IM Revolution and how to get your own copy.


P.S. I know you’re going to be blown away by what you discover in IM Revolution. You will recognize a system that can actually help you attain your financial goals and life dreams.

But if I’m wrong—if you read it and just go “meh”—don’t worry. You won’t have lost anything. You can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase—and you can still keep the book.



Email #2

Subject: Plug Into an Online Business That’s Generating Big Profits…


Hello _______,

Ever flown?

I booked a flight this morning to attend a business-related event thousands of miles away from where I live.

It’s an eight-hour flight but there’s no way to get there any faster.

Flying is a great convenience but it’s also kind of a hassle. Following 9/11 and the instituting of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), everyone who flies out of a U.S. airport is treated like a criminal—required to remove their shoes and belts, empty their pockets, open up their laptops, etc.

The TSA is staffed not by federal agents but by people who have a certificate in “homeland security” from a local trade school. My experience with TSA personnel tells me that they all need to get certificates in public relations too.

I guess if it became too much of a hassle, I could just start my own “hassle-free” airline.

(It’s a crazy idea, I know, but just stick with me here.)

Where would I start? First, I’d have to figure out how to fly a plane. Then I’d have to build or acquire some planes. I’d have to figure out flight plans, scheduling, advertising, federal regulations, and so much more. I’d need a lot of help and even then, it would take years and well…I realize that the chances of failure a pretty high.

It’s so much easier to book a flight with Southwest or Virgin. They’ve already figured out all of the details. They have the airplanes and people who know how to fly them. They’ve got ground crews and flight crews and reservations staff, ad campaigns on TV and radio and huge, interactive websites.

All I have to do is buy a ticket, show up on time, and fly to my destination.

So what’s this go to do with you making money online?

Some people who want to start an online business go about trying to learn all the various things they need to know (or think they need to know) to create a system that will generate profits. But they often don’t have enough experience to know what’s important and what’s not. So, they waste their time, get confused, don’t make any real progress, and give up.

What most of them don’t realize is that the “airline” they’re trying to build already exists.

Matt Lloyd already built it. He’s the founder and CEO of My Own Business Education (MOBE).

Back in 2008, Matt invested nearly $40,000 to become an affiliate for an online marketing company. That investment gave him the ability to collect large commissions but it didn’t provide any system to market and sell the products. So he had to build his own.

It took a few years but then one day, he finally got his first commission: $1,000. A few weeks later, another. A few months later, he made $8,000 in one month. Then $15,000. And it just continued on up from there. Matt and his partners have used that same system to sell $150 million worth of MOBE products and services.

In his book, IM Revolution (“IM” = “Internet marketing”), he describes that system and how you can use it to make $5,000 to $10,000 a month (or more) online.

When you pick up a copy of IM Revolution , you will discover several things:

The system is “plug ‘n play.” You don’t need to be computer or marketing expert to succeed with it.
It works “on autopilot” to generate sales 24/7.
You make commissions of up to 90 percent.
You can get started with just a half-hour a day

Matt’s system includes hot-selling business education products, extensive web, print, and video marketing, accounting, administration, customer service, and even a back-end upsell system that gives you huge commissions without you having to do anything extra.

Several people have made more than $1 million with Matt’s system, including:

John Chow, of California, $2,261,856
Rhonda Michele, from Canada, $1,057,299
Bill & Michelle Pescosolido, of Florida, $1,015,111

(These are not typical incomes for people using the IM Revolution system…but they show you what’s possible.)

There are more people—many who have never done anything online before—who are making five- and six-figure annual incomes with this system. Even more are happily making nice side incomes in their spare time.

You can get IM Revolution for less than the price of buying a tall Starbucks coffee every morning Monday thru Friday.

When you’re done drinking the coffee, your cup is empty. When you’re done reading IM Revolution, you’ll know how to start making commissions, in as little as a half-hour a day.

Get a copy of IM Revolution . Read it in just a couple of hours and you will know that this is totally something you can do.



P.S. IM Revolution introduces you to a system that thousands of people are already using to put steady commissions into their bank accounts with just a little bit of work every day. You can plug into this system right now. Get your copy of IM Revolution.

P.P.S. I am totally confident you will discover something truly amazing in IM Revolution—something that could ultimately transform your life. But if you read it and you’re not totally blown away by what it reveals, just contact MOBE customer support within 30 days of purchase and request a refund. You risk nothing.




Email #3

Subject: This Business Lets You Live By Your Own Rules…

Hello ________,

When was the last time you spontaneously called in to your supervisor or boss and said “Listen, I need to take the morning and part of the afternoon off to (activity of your choice). I’ll get my work done later on today.”

Even better, when was the last time your boss/supervisor easily agreed to that kind of request?

Probably never.

Most jobs don’t allow for that kind of time freedom.

Let’s say that you make a salary of $50,000 a year at your job. Did you ever say to yourself, “This year, I’m going to hit $100,000 (or $500,000 or whatever) at my job”? What about telling your boss, “I want you to pay me based on the results I get, not for the hours I spend in this office.”

Did you ever actually double your salary at your job in a year? Did you ever increase it by even 25 percent?

It’s doubtful, since jobs don’t usually offer that kind of financial freedom.

What about doing your job from home instead of driving to your place of employment every day? What if you wanted to work from wherever you are—a beach, an RV, a coffeeshop, or even another country?

A significant number of people are able to “telecommute” today but the majority of jobs don’t provide for that kind of locational freedom.

When you can’t easily choose or change your location, your income, or your schedule, you’re not totally free.

You’re living by someone else’s rules.

As far as work is concerned, most people spend their entire life this way. But that’s no reason for you to go on doing it.

You can live your life by your own rules.

Tonight, in just a couple of hours, you can find out about a type of online business that will allow you have time, location, and financial freedom.

It’s all contained in Matt Lloyd’s book, IM Revolution, which is now available. (The “IM” stands for “Internet Marketing.”)

Back in 2008, Matt was a frustrated affiliate marketer. He knew the Internet had a huge income potential but the learning curve—all the technical subjects he had to master in order to create an effective, hugely profitable online marketing system—was pushing his pay day further and further into the future.

It took a few years of struggle and more than $100,000 but he figured it out…and it worked! Matt went from making $700 a month to bringing in $5,000, $10,000, $80,000 and eventually more than $315,000 per month.

IM Revolution is a system that you can learn about, plug into, and start making money with in your spare time—less than an hour a day:

Scott Dudley, from Australia, made $2,910 in his first 30 days using the IM Revolution system.
Tony Opee, from California, made $3,000 in commissions in the first week that he started using the system.
In less than 60 days, Andrea Goodsaid, from Gainesville, Florida, made $15,396 in commissions, using the system described in IM Revolution.

One of the reasons our partners can make such serious amounts of money in such a short time is the back-end commissions that are built into the system.

You will learn all about this in IM Revolution, but briefly, the system includes a live sales force who follow up with your leads and make additional sales on your behalf—sales of premium products—for which you make a generous commission.

Sounds crazy? It’s not. It works—I know: I am making these commissions regularly. And it will make total sense to you after you pick up a copy of IM Revolution and read it for yourself.

The sooner you understand IM Revolution, the closer you will be to enjoying the time, location, and money freedom you desire and deserve.

Matt has priced it very low so there’s very little risk to you. It’s a tiny investment that can open the door to living life by your rules.

Read more about IM Revolution and get your copy here.



P.S. Matt is going to reduce the risk even further by giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If during the first 30 days, after you receive and read IM Revolution, you don’t think that this system can help put an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in your bank account every month, just ask and you will receive a full refund—and you get to keep the book anyway.

Order IM Revolution now.



Email #4

Subject: Only 3% of Online Marketers (the Winners) Know This…

Hello _______,

You’re interested in making money with Internet marketing, right?

A lot of people make a fabulous amount of money by marketing products or services online.

But you might be surprised to know that this “lot” of people is actually only 3% of all the people who are trying to make money online.

That three percent makes 90% of all the money!

That’s right: For every 100 people who attempt to start an online marketing business, only three make any real money.

So, let’s say that if those three made $300,000 each annually, the other 97 would make about $1,000 annually. Huge gap.

The 97% struggle, fail, and give up.

It’s not their fault. They got incomplete information and then they acted on it. If they’d had the full story, they could have been among the 3% who make 90% of the money. And it would have required no additional effort!

But the 3% don’t want to tell everyone else the full story of how to make real money on line.

Matt Lloyd, founder of MOBE, is different. He gives you the full story.

In his book, IM Revolution Matt lays out a system you can use to realistically make $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

Plenty of people have used it, beginning with Matt Lloyd himself.

In the beginning, 2008, he was like you: trying different things online, going down some blind alleys and definitely not making any money. Piece by piece, he created his own products and built up his own online system to market and sell them. It took a few years.

And it worked! He started making sales: $1,000 one month. Two months later, another $1,000. As the weeks passed, he was making sales every month. Then a lot of sales: $8,000, $15,000 and up…

Matt discovered that anyone could make sales using his system, so he started making it available to others. When you get IM Revolution, and read it, you’ll learn about this system and how easy it is to start making commissions with it—even if you have no online marketing experience.

I’m going to give away one big secret from the book: Your online success is not dependent on traffic.

This is the idea that most Internet market “gurus” promote—that if you can just generate enough traffic, you’ll get rich. There are so many holes in that idea that I can’t take them all up in this email.

True: any business, whether online or a local barbershop, needs traffic. People have to see you, visit you, and purchase from you.

But traffic alone won’t make you rich, unless you’re driving that traffic toward a proven business model. A proven business model produces profits continuously. And it’s a system that can be duplicated by anyone.

Some examples of proven business models are the subscription-based model (think Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, or your smartphone service) and the franchise model (think McDonalds, Aamco, or 7-11).

IM Revolution tells you all about Matt Lloyd’s proven business model. And how you can use to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month—or more:

Deborah Robertson, a retired school teacher from Georgia, earned $64,000 in one year—most of it in just three months.

Dale Bundy, from Fullerton, California, made $12,500 in commissions in just one day.

Steve Bordewick, also from California made $10,700 in two months.

These kinds of results are fairly common with this system.

Get a copy of IM Revolution and in just a couple of hours, you’ll understand this system and how you can use it to make $5,000 to $10,000 (or more) per month.



P.S. Don’t confuse this as being “just another get-rich-online scheme.” There are plenty of those out there and they have made it hard for the legitimate marketers, like Matt Lloyd, who have a real system and gobs of testimonials and proof. (LINK:

P.P.S. When you get IM Revolution , you only stand to gain: new understanding, new hope, and a new way to make a lot of money online.

You risk nothing, because if you’re not totally impressed with what you find out, you can contact MOBE customer support within 30 days of purchase and request a full refund.



Email #5

Subject: 4 Leverage Points You Can Use to Succeed Online

Which do you think is likely to result in more sales: driving 250 people to your offer or driving 2,500 people to it?

At first glance, it seems obvious: The more traffic you drive to an offer, the more sales, right?

Mmm…no, not really.

“To get sales you just need lots of traffic” is an idea that’s been promoted by some less-than-bright (and maybe less-than-honest) Internet marketing “gurus.”

The fact is that traffic alone is meaningless. By knowing just this, you’re already a few steps ahead of most people who are trying to make a living in Internet marketing.

Here’s something else that will put you several more steps ahead: A sale starts with a great offer: a desirable, high-quality product, presented in a way that makes it irresistible. Prospects whip out their credit card and order it.

And here’s one more thing: the more products you have available, the better.

Y’see, if someone buys a product from you, it’s a pretty good chance that they will buy another. Matt Lloyd, founder of My Own Business Education (MOBE) has had customers who spent more than $20,000 with him on products and services—in addition to having spent much more money on competitors’ products as well.

In any industry, there’s a segment of customers that is insatiable—repeat buyers who will spend a lot of money. So, offer multiple products and you can have long-term success.

“Having multiple products” is one of the 4 Leverage Points that Matt Lloyd talks about in his book, IM Revolution (“IM stands for “Internet marketing.”) . Matt, who is the founder of My Own Business Education (MOBE), used these Leverage Points to transform his business into a “multiple six-figure income source in less than three months.”

“But I haven’t created any products,” you might be thinking. That’s exactly my point: most Internet marketers (especially beginners) don’t have any products of their own.

The solution is to find a system that has a lot of products. In IM Revolution, Matt presents a system that has plenty of products. It’s a system that you can use to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

In IM Revolution you’ll find out about the other three Leverage Points and much more:

How to make big commissions on customer upsells—without ever contacting them
How you can make more money on fewer sales
The reason you never want to buy leads
Why you need an automated sales funnel and where to get one
The one ability that separates $150,000/mo marketers from $500/mo ones
Why getting cheap traffic isn’t the object
Price-Per-Click and Average Visitor Value and how to use them to increase your profits
The various marketing methods and their pros and cons
Why the odds are against IM beginners and how to get around it
much more…

This system worked for Matt (he developed it) and it’s worked for many other people who read IM Revolution:

“In last 45 days or so I have made $15,396.40 in commissions for myself, and probably one of the most surprising parts for me of this whole process was the upsell effectiveness. I am on track to make more than $100,000.00 this year.” — Andrea Good said, Gainesville, FL

“I made my first $500 sale pretty quickly. I’m already starting to see great results. Matt has a great sales funnels. Joining MOBE is the best thing I’ve ever done.” — Raena Lynn, Las Vegas, NV

“I joined Matt Lloyd’s MOBE program roughly 30 days ago and I’ve earned $2,910 dollars so far [based on] one ad that cost me $55. I haven’t even put that much work into it. There is no reason why you can’t get similar results to what I’ve achieved in first 30 days.” — Scott Dudley, Perth, Australia

Get a copy of IM Revolution now. Spend an hour or two reading it, and you will discover a system that’s not like any other online marketing system you’ve ever seen. If you’re not completely amazed, contact MOBE customer support within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. You lose nothing.



P.S. Either way, you risk nothing. If you’re not making the kind of money you want online, you don’t have to buy IM Revolution. You can keep doing what you’re already doing. At least you won’t get any surprises.

Or you could get IM Revolution discover a completely new approach to IM success and start making the kind of money you know it’s possible to make online.

And because it has a 30-day guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Either way, you risk nothing.

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