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Tuesday Apr 17, 2018
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Laptop Lifestyle System

Email Follow Up Sequence To Add To Your Autoresponder:

Email Swipe Example #1

Subj: Tired of the alarm clock? (Try this)
Subj: Fires your boss-hole and gets you $10k months…
Subj: Sick of living for the weekend? (Help inside)


Preview Line: No more permission to take a “sick day?”

Hey it’s (Affiliate Name),

The best part of $10,000 per month and up?

You’d think the best part of living the Laptop
Lifestyle for Carolina was the fact that she now
makes up to six times more than the average
salary in her home country of Chile.

But it’s not.

It’s the freedom that this Laptop Income
provides her, month after month, year after
year: (Over $700k the last five years.)

• No more fighting traffic to get to the j-o-b.
• No more asking permission to take a “sick day.”
• No more waking to a blaring alarm clock M-F.
• No more living for the weekends.
• (If you’re a guy, maybe it’s no more shaving!)


Instead of investing in a 9 to 5.

She gets to invest in experiences.


Swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas.

Ziplining, hugging Koalas, and petting Kangaroos
in Australia.

She gets to tour castles in France, and follow her
favorite band (Muse) around the world…

What will you do with all the free time this new
Laptop Lifestyle can bring you?

Like Carolina, will you travel the globe?

Or will you spend more time with your family?
Toss the ball in the backyard with the kids or
grandkids, instead of taking your work home
with you?

Never missing another dinner or family event?

More date nights? (And being able to afford a
great babysitter every week!)

This is precious time we’ll never get back with
our loved ones, isn’t it?

I’m not sure what it will be for you?

But I’m feeling we’re kindred souls here?

The KEY breakthrough Carolina discovered,
was when she started applying a specific type
of leverage to her business and life.

She now focuses mostly on one simple daily


That’s it.

And “the lever” does nearly all the rest of the
heavy lifting FOR HER.

And she gets paid every time the lever lifts
out new sales.

You’ll be getting paid every two weeks, like
clockwork, just like Carolina and many others
are right now…

Sales up to $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and even
$10,000 per customer!

Now you won’t likely make $10,000 your first
month with this.

Yet, as you’re following these same steps Carolina
uses, our #1 goal will be to get your first $1,000
commission check headed your way over the next
30 days, deal?

You just need to be willing to follow the Step-by-
Step process laid out for you after you click on the
link and start.

From there, you’ll be using this Laptop Lifestyle
“Lever” again and again, till you’re at $10,000 per
month, and living the lifestyle you desire and

You in?

===> YES! I’m ready for the Laptop Lifestyle!

Don’t forget to check out the guarantee!


PS As soon as you’re logged-in and have gone through
Step 1 today… you’ll know more about how to make
$10,000 per month while living an amazing lifestyle,
than 99% of the population will ever know.


Email Swipe Example #2

Subj: Gets Carolina over $10k per month (For the past 5 years in a row)


No more 9-5 grind.

Hey it’s (Affiliate Name),

Did you see the LEVER Carolina is using
to earn over $10,000 PER MONTH?

…While she travels the globe.
…Works just a couple hours a day.
…Gives her freedom and fulfillment.
…She’s fired her BOSS and her alarm.
…No more bumper to bumper commutes.
And she’s been using…


…for 5 years in a row now?

Right now, you can get a free coach and
follow the same system to get to your first
$10k months too…

If you’ve got 30 minutes a day to spare?
They’ll show you how to use…

===> Your LEVER to income and lifestyle

All the best,
(Affiliate Name)

PS I’m not saying you’ll make over $700k
like Carolina has. But you’ll be getting the
same system she’s used, and you can be up
to $100k reasonably in the next year, maybe

Just depends on how soon you start…

===> Check it out here, ASAP


Email Swipe Example #3

Subj: Worried about the time or cost? (Here’s help)


99% will never know this.

(Affiliate Name) here,

The biggest cost in our lives?

Is when we DECIDE not to
do something.

===> Take Carolina’s story…

If she didn’t decide to go thru
the 21-step system…

Would she still be stuck in a job
she hates?

Earning 6X LESS working 6X

Would she have been able to travel
with her man to 26 countries?

Would she be there for, and help those
whom she loves, while living a rewarding
and rich life in the process?

Would she hit the bed at night, feeling
100% fulfilled, or feeling empty, knowing
there’s more for her out there in the world?
See the TRUE COST here?

It’s not the $49 dollars.

Or the 30 minutes a day.

It’s what we give up.

Make sense?

Hope this helps.

If you’re ready to move forward to
more income, time, and freedom…

===> YES! Show me how to start!

(Affiliate Name)

PS Don’t forget to check out the
guarantee you’re getting today.
Yes, spots ARE LIMITED. There’s
only so many people they can help
with this.


Email Swipe Example #4

Subj: 30 mins. to $10k months? (Try this)


Is the 4-hour workweek real?

It’s (Affiliate Name),

Is it really possible to work just 30-60
minutes a day, and earn up to $10k
month after month after month?

===> It’s all about leveraging DFY SYSTEMS!

(Check out the system Carolina’s used to
earn over $10k a month for the last 5 yrs.)
A bad system will steal your time, make
you feel overwhelmed, and eats up your
hard-earned cash.

In my experience…

Here’s what a good system needs:

every two weeks. (gives you the nice income)

fulfillment. (gives you lifestyle)

SIMPLE TO USE. (gives confidence you’ll succeed)

There’s a certain LEVERAGE you’ll need to APPLY
in your business and life to make this work like
gangbusters for you…

===> Watch Carolina’s Presentation That Gives You the Leverage Key…


(Affiliate Name)

PS As anything in life, you need to work, and
produce value for other’s to create a great
income and life.

===> Using this system…

It allows OTHERS to do all the heavy lifting
for you. How soon would you like to get a
notification that someone else just earned
you a $10k commission?


Email Swipe Example #5

Subj: Mom’s money machine… (cool story!)


How will it feel when others view
what YOU are doing this way too?

(Affiliate Name) here,

I know of one lady who runs a Laptop
Lifestyle business.

And her kids think she can just tap a
button and money pops out of her

So whenever they want something, like
recently when they wanted to go on a
nice family vacation…

Mom says, “Lemme check our budget
out and see what we can do kids…”

And the kids reply back in a “silly mom!”

“Mom! Just get it out of your computer!”
How cool, right?

Wouldn’t it be neat if our kids or others
viewed what we do that way too?

A Laptop Lifestyle Business can allow us
to make a lot of income, in a short period
of time, from the comfort of our own

And we can use that income and time
freedom to help others.

Like, Carolina Millan…

Sorry to say, her mother was diagnosed
with cancer. Nobody should have to go
through that, ever.

Yet, because she had recently started
this business, she was able to be there
for her mom, every step of the way…

And she was able to even pay for some
of her treatments…

That’s priceless.

Imagine how her mother felt about her
being able to do that? To be there so she
doesn’t go through that alone?

I hope you never go through something
like that too. But we want to be able to be
there for our loved ones the best we can,
no doubt about it.

And who knows what the future brings
for any of us.

That’s why we must take CONTROL.

If you want more freedom, income, and
the ability to live a great life and BE THERE
for those YOU love…

===> Try the system Carolina uses too!

Spots are limited! And this IS guaranteed
to work for you. If it doesn’t, or you aren’t
happy in any way.

Or if this doesn’t feel like the right fit for

You’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.
No questions asked.

What’s there to lose?

===> On that basis, I’m in.
Talk soon,

(Affiliate Name)

PS In just minutes, you can know more
about how to generate large commission
checks, in 30-60 minutes a day, than 99%
of the population will ever know about.
And you’ll feel safer knowing what options
are now open for you and your family to
take advantage of, come what may…


Email Swipe Example #6

Subj: Q: Will this work FOR ME? (help inside)


What “others” are doing is good and all, but…

(Affiliate Name) here,

I’m sure you’re thinking…

That’s great YOU are doing so well
with this Laptop Lifestyle System .

It’s cool that Carolina has been earning
over $100k a year for the last five years
straight with this.

It’s nice to HEAR that Matt has paid out
over $103 million in commissions to
normal folk just like us.


I can probably show you case study after
case study, proof coming out the wazoo.
Yet, you probably just want to know
that this will work FOR YOU?

That’s why I don’t want you to just take
my word for it.

===> Try out the Laptop Lifestyle System
And give it an honest to goodness try.

Go through the 21 Steps. Put in the 30 minutes
a day on average.

And if you’re not thrilled with YOUR results?
If you don’t see that you’re well on your way
to working less, and earning up to $10k per
month or more, while you work from home
or travel the world…

If you don’t see that’s happening?

Then they’ll happily hand back your small
investment fee to be in this amazing system.

No. Risk. Involved.


This is coming from the heart. Hope it’s
coming across that way. 🙂

===> I just want you to give this a real try.

I’ve just seen it change so many lives for
hard-working good people willing to use
the system.

And I’m feeling it may do the same for you.
If not? Then at least you’ll have no regrets,
because you went ahead and gave it a shot.

To your success,

(Affiliate Name)

PS I’ve heard the coaching spots may be
filling up already? So, if you’re interested
in trying this offer out, risk-free, may I
suggest you hop on this train, asap?

===> OK… I’m trying this out to see
if it’ll work FOR ME! No regrets…

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