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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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Subject: The Right To Earn $5,500 Commissions Is Yours—Guaranteed…

Hello ________,

Before I launch into this message, I just want to make sure you’re the kind of person who is ready to hear what I’m going say.

Because if you are the kind of person I think you are, you may have just opened one of the most important emails you’ll ever receive.

It’s one that could ultimately take your income and your business to the next…. Okay, I know, I know…you hear that so often these days: “take your business to the next level,” blah-blah, etc. It’s almost become meaningless, right?

So I will give you specifics: This message could ultimately put an extra $5,500 in your pocket—not just once but over and over again…without you ever having to pick up the phone or talk to someone to make a sale.

If you’ve read this far, then I am pretty sure you are going to “hear” this message.

Now, my guess is that you have an online business and you’re moderately successful. Maybe you’re even wildly successful. (It’s all relative, right? One man’s “moderately successful” is another man’s “wildly successful.”)

You’re probably familiar with one of MOBE’s basic business training programs, like My Top Tier Business, Internet Funnel System, or 17 Minutes Only.

You’ve placed ads—solo ads or pay-per-click or whatever—generated leads, and made front-end sales. You’ve received commissions on those front-end sales.

You’ve likely moved up to the Silver Masterclass, Gold Masterclass and Titanium Mastermind levels.

You’ve experienced the magic of MOBE’s in-house phone sales team—they contact your leads, introduce them to MOBE’s back-end business training products, close the sale…and you get the commission.

You’ve probably felt that “Success!” feeling you get when you see those $1,250 or $3,300 commissions on your dashboard, right?

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “Hey, I could do this forever.” And you probably could but it would mean that you just have to keep on working forever in order to keep on making the kind of money you’re making.

There is nothing wrong with working day after day, year after year, especially if you love what you’re doing. But with MOBE, that was never the intended end game.

I think that you’re the kind of person who knows that.

So, what if you could add bigger single commissions to your existing income without changing what you’re doing?

Even more importantly, what if, in addition to your MOBE business, you could create another income stream—a healthy passive income in addition to what you make with your online business?

When you join MOBE’s Platinum Mastermind, you get both:

• The right to receive $5,500-per-sale commissions in addition to the commissions you already receive with no extra work
• The know-how to create a “second business” that generates continuous passive income that you can live on

Over five days and six nights at the Platinum Mastermind, you’ll meet some of today’s masters of the money game.

They will train you in the ways to achieve and maintain lasting wealth—the kind of wealth that you can live off of for decades.

At Platinum, you will get trained on how to keep more of what you make, how to protect your assets and how to invest to create a constant, growing, passive cash flow so that you don’t have to be 100% reliant on your business.

Here is some of what you will learn:

• How to get a steady 10% return in the stock market without reading the charts
• Easy, legal tax strategies to keep 15 to 35% more of your money
• How to protect your wealth with precious metals and the best dealers
• An investment that guarantees a 16 to 36% guaranteed fixed rate of return
• How to build wealth through positive cash flow from rental property

Most importantly, at Platinum, you will learn the secrets of wealth creation—how millionaires think…what their viewpoint is and how you can use it to magnetize yourself to wealth.

When you’re “magnetized,” lucrative, passive income opportunities will find you. Before you know it, you will be making effortless passive income….

You get SO MUCH with Platinum that I can’t go into it all in this message. So go here to find out everything and to register.

You’ll find out about where it happens, when, who the guest speakers are, their topics, and all the FREE services and materials (a lot of it!) that you get with Platinum. Go here to find out.



P.S. You will arrive home from Platinum knowing how to have plenty of money for the rest of your life without having to work for the rest of your life. You will be on your way to becoming truly wealthy. Find out all about it and register for the next Platinum Mastermind now.


Subject: The Rich DO Get Richer, Because of This…

Hello _________,

Did you enjoy science class in school?

Did you hate science class in school?

Either way, you’ll probably remember Isaac Newton’s theory:

“A body in motion tends to remain in motion, and a body at rest tends to remain at rest, unless acted on by an external force.”

Now, when Newton said “body,” he didn’t necessary mean the human body. It could be any material object, such as a basketball, a lake, or a planet.

The idea is that when an object is in a certain state, it tends to stay in that state.

A basketball remains still, unless someone picks it up and throws it. Once thrown, it only stops traveling because of a backboard and hoop…or a player who catches it…or just gravity slowly bringing it back to earth.

A planet in orbit around the sun tends to continue in orbit around the sun.

It’s a similar thing with wealth. People who are wealthy tend to continue getting wealthy. It’s like that old saying, “The rich get richer.”

And it’s true, because people who are rich have a wealth mindset. So they attract money. They attract opportunities to make easy passive income. And they just keep on attracting these things.

That’s how the rich keep getting richer; it starts with the mindset.

If you don’t think you’re that kind of person yet, don’t be too worried, because you can become a person who is magnetized to wealth. You can begin to discover passive wealth-creating opportunities that bring you startling amounts of money.

It’s like cars. Did you ever notice that when you get a new car, suddenly you start seeing the same kind of car everywhere, where before you never noticed?

That’s what it’s like when you magnetize yourself for wealth: Money-making opportunities seem to “find” you.

At the Platinum Mastermind, you will find out how to reprogram your mind. Get rid of negative ideas about wealth. Start building ever greater prosperity.

Now, you could probably read a book about getting the wealth mindset and that’d be okay.

But at Platinum Mastermind, you’ll live in a wealth mindset for five days and six nights. You actually experience how wealthy people live:

• A luxury suite at a gorgeous 5-star resort (Past Platinum Masterminds were held in Costa Rica, Canary Islands, St. Kitts, and Fiji, among others.)
• Luxurious pools and spas
• Exciting bars, nightlife, and gourmet dining
• Hang out with wealthy people.
• Talk about wealth creation for five straight days.
• Learn from some of the top wealth-building experts on the planet.

(All expenses paid—food, entertainment and lodging—for five days, six nights)

At the Platinum Mastermind, you will feel how it feels. You will know the mindset. It becomes yours.

In the beautiful tropical environment, far from the demands and distractions of home, you can absorb new information with a fully relaxed mind:

• rental property
• the stock market
• tax lien certificates
• precious metals
• and more investment strategies to protect your assets and create passive cash flow

Just being at Platinum and soaking up the environment, networking with your fellow Platinum attendees, mentors and guest speakers, hearing about new ways of thinking and making passive income…it enriches you.

You get a little bit more rich. And, as you know, the rich get richer.

MOBE Top Earner John Chow has said “A lot of people have asked me, ‘Should I make the investment to come to a mastermind, like Platinum?’ My answer is always ‘Do not hesitate.’ I have attended many live events…and I have never lost money with them. So ask yourself not ‘How much does it cost to attend a mastermind. Instead, ask yourself how much money you are losing by not attending. This is why I go to them: If I were not here, I’d be losing money.”

There is so much more to Platinum Mastermind than I can tell you in this email. You can read about all of it and find out how to register by going here.



P.S. There is so much that you get with Platinum Mastermind. I am talking about adventure, fun, and…more than $12,000 worth of FREE services and products, too. Read about it all here.


Subject: Millionaires Have Everything. Except This…

Hello ________,

Have you seen the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery?

For those who haven’t, the key things to know are that Austin Powers (played by Mike Myers) is a British spy from the mid-1960s whose cover was as a “swinging London” socialite. His nemesis is the arch-criminal Dr. Evil (also played by Myers).

In 1967, Powers stopped an assassination attempt by Dr. Evil, who escaped justice and had himself placed in suspended animation so he could come back and get his revenge in the future. Powers underwent suspended animation as well, to be reanimated when Dr. Evil surfaced.

In the modern day (1997, when the film was released), Dr. Evil–thawed out and activating his plans for world domination—intends to capture a nuclear warhead from a fictitious Russian state and use it to “hold the world ransom for…one million dollars.”

Back in the sixties, that would have been a shocking ransom demand but he soon discovers that in 1997, it’s not that much.

Well, maybe it’s not much of a ransom for a mad man in a comedy about the adventures of a fictitious British spy….

But for an individual or a family today, a million dollars is still a heck of a lot of money.

That’s why it’s been the goal of so many entrepreneurs to “make my first million.”

We tend to think of someone who has a million dollars as a person who has desirable things: a big house in an upscale neighborhood, a fast new car, perfect teeth, a Rolex.

They can vacation in Paris…or the Bahamas…or New York City. Stay in the best hotels and eat at the swankiest places.

With a million dollars a year, you can afford to have the life.

Yet, there’s one thing they don’t have and never will, even if they made a billion dollars a year.

Not only is it something they don’t have, but it’s something they can’t have.

“Can’t have?” you might be asking. “With a billion dollars? What can’t they have?”

You’re probably going to reach through your computer and slap me but…what they can’t have is negative ideas about having a lot of money.

Sorry. I know that was a bit of a trick.

But if you are not hitting seven figures no matter what you do, you might want to check and make sure you don’t have any negative ideas or feelings on the subject of having a lot of money.

One of the major focuses of MOBE’s Platinum Mastermind is the development and strengthening of your wealth mindset, because wealth begins with how you think.

For example, we’ve all heard of people who inherited large sums of money or won the Lotto, right?

Now, you would think that getting that kind of money is all it takes to have that kind of money, wouldn’t you? But how many times do you hear of someone like that ending up broke, in debt, a few years later?

You see, wealth is more about the ability to have money than it is about spending it. Those people got the money but they couldn’t have it. So they lived too high. They spent too recklessly. You might think, “Of course they did. They could afford to.”

And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with having fun and spending your money but people who throw it all away and end up broke are actively disposing of money—so that they won’t have it.

Wealth means having money. If you get rid of it, you’re not wealthy anymore.

So, to be wealthy, you’ve got to be completely comfortable having wealth. And we focus very strongly on this in the Platinum Mastermind.

At Platinum, you will hear and get a chance to meet some of the wealthiest and most powerful wealth mentors, who will maximize your prosperity inside and out.

With an improved wealth mindset, you will be able to absorb and easily apply powerful wealth secrets—strategies that will enable to you create new passive income streams that you will be able to live off of for decades:

• How to save 15-35 percent more of your money—easily and legally
• How to create positive cash flow with rental property—without being a landlord
• Investments that will bring you a guaranteed fix rate of 10 to 36 percent
• and so much more…

There is whole lot more to tell you—including thousands of dollars worth of FREE stuff—but this email is already too long, so go here now to see it all and find how to register for the event.



P.S. About that “thousands of dollars worth” of FREE services and materials I mentioned… I am not talking about some over-valued e-books or reports. I am talking about more than $12,000 worth of additional wealth-creating information that’s for you to use to make your first million and beyond.

This is no joke, no come-on. If you’ve read this far already, go here and see for yourself what I’m talking about and how to get it.


Subject: FREE: The Five Pillars of Wealth Creation…

Hello _______,

Do you want wealth?

You probably said “yes,” but…what exactly is wealth?

Most dictionaries define it as “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.”

Get that? An abundance—a very large quantity.

But what one man considers a “large quantity,” another man considers pocket money.

Would you agree that true wealth is a lot more than “enough to get by on?”

Of course it is.

Then let’s say that true wealth is when you have so much money that you never have to worry about having enough money.

That may seem like far more money than you could possibly ever accumulate and…you’re probably right about that, especially if you plan on trying to accumulate it purely by running your online business.

That isn’t how truly wealthy people do it. Take billionaire investor and businessman Warren Buffett. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns among other things the Dairy Queen chain. Buffett doesn’t work at Dairy Queen. He owns it, and collects passive income from it. (DQ did $2 billion in revenue last year.)

At MOBE’s Platinum Mastermind level, you not only start to wrap your mind around this concept of passive income, you find out exactly how to create it for yourself.

You find out about the Five Pillars of Wealth Creation….

At the Platinum level, you get access to a five-day, six-night retreat—all expenses paid—with some of the best and brightest minds in the fields of marketing, wealth, and personal development.

At a five-star luxury resort on the beach—blue water, white sand—you will enjoy a delightful guest suite, pools, spas, and tropical weather. (Past MOBE Masterminds have been held in Curacao, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Mexico, and Jamaica.)

Meet and hang out with other MOBE members—people you may know online or have met at other events—and your guest speakers. Network. Make connections. Forge future partnerships and deals. Enjoy gourmet dining, the bars, the nightlife.

During the day, find out the ins and outs of investing and passive wealth accumulation:

• A stock investment with an easy 10 percent return—ignore the daily charts
• Legal money maneuvers to keep more of what you earn
• How to protect your wealth with precious metals
• Investments with 16 to 36 percent fixed rates of return
• How to build positive cash flow with rental property

Over five days, you will receive secret after secret and strategy after strategy that you can use to start build a second business—your own passive income business.

With your Platinum membership, you also get access to the Five Pillars of Wealth Creation….

Each Pillar is an additional stand-alone three-day Summit that focuses exclusively on one topic:

• Real Estate Summit
• Precious Metals Investing Summit
• Prosperity Mindset Summit
• Stock Investing Summit
• Asset Protection Summit

These Summits follow and are held at the same location as the Platinum Mastermind. Each one is $2,997 to attend but for Platinum members, they’re FREE (you’re responsible only for meals and lodging).

Each Summit is delivered by a successful expert who focuses and expands on the topic

For instance, at the Asset Protection Summit, you’ll learn about legal off-shore financial strategies (such as the “5 Flag Theory”) to keep more of your money and protect what you already have.

At the Stock Investing Summit, you’ll discover how to identify undervalued stocks—those “quiet” investments that bring steady, reliable returns.

At the Prosperity Mindset Summit, you will discover and practice the habits of wealthy people and make them your own.

And that’s just a little taste of what you get…for FREE when you join Platinum Mastermind. (LINK to Plat registration page)

There is a lot more (including extra FREE stuff) that I can’t include in this email but you can find out about it here. (LINK to Plat registration page)



P.S. If you’re serious about having real wealth—the “I never have to think about or worry about money again” kind of wealth—then you’re ready to join Platinum Mastermind. But don’t take my word for it. Go here and find out about the other FREE bonuses, where the next Platinum Mastermind is being held and how to register.


Subject: How To Mentally Magnetize Yourself To Wealth…

Hello _______,

Did you ever know anybody who seemed to be on a certain “wavelength”—the kind of person who just seems to attract a certain thing all the time?

I had a friend back in school named Sean. He was really into comic books. Obsessive about them…really just loved comics, comic novels, and all that. He’d go to a yard sale or a swap meet and he’d just find tons of the best old stuff. Grown-ups would give him their old collections. He just always seemed to attract the stuff.

Later on, I knew another guy in my neighborhood named Dale who played the guitar. He must have gotten pretty good at it because people would come to his house for lessons. Then he started getting hired to play with local bands. Every weekend, he seemed to have a gig. Then two gigs. And he would collect more and more equipment. He just always seemed to easily come across stuff he really liked or really wanted. As far as I know, he’s still living a “guitar life.”

Obviously, not every guitar player or comic enthusiast is like that. For most, it’s a hobby…something to pass the time. But Sean and Dale were magnetized. Comics or guitars were so much a part of their awareness that they couldn’t help but attract it to themselves constantly.

Magnetized. It’s as if your mind is a room and it’s full of the stuff you want. The door to the room is open so that the stuff (thoughts) goes out into the world. It manifests and those manifestations come back to you.

This is a true with wealth as it is with guitars or comic books. (And we’ve all known or heard of people who seem to continuously attract trouble and bad things, too but we’re not going to get into that.)

When you’re magnetized to wealth, money flows easily and regularly to you. The best kinds of money-making opportunities seem to find you…to fall right into your lap.

Some people are naturally this way but most of us have to work a bit to get there.

Developing your wealth mindset is something we spend a significant amount of time on at MOBE’s Platinum Mastermind event.

The event is five days and six nights (all expenses paid) at a five-star resort in a tropic locale. We’ve held some of our past Masterminds in the Bahamas, Fiji, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Malaysia.

Far from the distractions of home, surrounded by pristine white sands and blue water just outside, you will meet and be mentored some of the most powerful personal change experts in the world. You will have the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with true masters of the money game.

You will learn how to have an easy, stress-free relationship with money so that you can attain the high quality of life that you desire.

You can’t help but get magnetized at Platinum. You will be among other people who are there learning the same wealth secrets as you. It’s all you’ll think about and talk about for five days.

And when you’re not immersed in ways to magnetize your mind to achieve prosperity, you will be immersed in strategies that the wealthy use to make their money work for them:

• Easy, legal tax-saving and asset protection strategies
• How to generate constant cash flow with rental property
• Identifying stock market investments with guaranteed returns
• The power of precious metals to build and protect your wealth
• Asset protection methods that let you keep more of what you make

At night, after a gourmet meal with your fellow Platinum attendees, and perhaps a chat at the bar with one of your Platinum mentors, you’ll retire to your luxury suite. Or maybe the Jacuzzi, under the stars.

You will savor the prosperous life for five days in paradise…

At MOBE’s Platinum Mastermind, you will come to know what wealth feels like. Your thoughts will be tune in to your innate ability to attract wealth and prosperity.

You will be magnetized.

And Platinum members get more than $12,000 worth of free, valuable services and materials, to keep them on the “prosperity wavelength.”

It’s more stuff than I can do justice to in this email, so go here to read all about it and find out how to register for Platinum Mastermind.



P.S. At Platinum, you will find your inner “money magnet” and will remove anything that is interfering with it. You will make it stronger. Then you will find out all the ways to make the most of your new, strong magnetism.

Next year, at this time, you could have the enviable “problem” of deciding which incredible money-making opportunities you’re going to get started with…or starting all of them.

Get magnetized. Find out everything about MOBE’s Platinum Mastermind now.

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