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Monday Apr 23, 2018
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Titanium Mastermind Email swipes

Subject: 3 Days, 4 Nights, 5-Stars, and 6 or 7 Figures…

Hello __________,

Can you finish the following sentence with just two words?

Successful business is __________ _________.

If you’re not sure, it’s okay. I would say that many business owners would only guess at the answer. They wouldn’t necessary know what it is. I say this for business owners who are not yet successful as well as for the ones who are but who are seeking continuing, broader success.

Those missing two words describe a major part of what is covered at MOBE’s Titanium Mastermind event.

Titanium is a 3-day, 4-night live training event delivered at an exotic 5-Star resort.

It’s all about the growth of your business.

Titanium is where you find out how to move your income from five figures to six…or six figures to seven.

Our past Titanium events were held in Fiji, the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Jamaica, Thailand, Puerto Vallarta, and the Dominican Republic.

At Titanium, you will relax and enjoy pristine sands, blue water, and warm, tropical weather. You’ll experience a luxury suite, spa, pools, bars, gourmet dining, and shopping. Quiet, star-filled tropical nights…

An entire half-day of Titanium is devoted to an outdoor adventure of your choice. Past adventures have included swimming with (and kissing) dolphins in the Bahamas, zip-lining in Thailand, and off-road Segway-riding in the Dominican Republic.

The guest speakers at Titanium are some of the world’s most successful business leaders—the best of the best. Past speakers have included:

• Kevin Harrington of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” who has sold more than $4 billion worth of products through TV infomercials
• Fred Catona, the radio advertising genius who helped launch, among others
• Marshall Sylver, the “Millionaire Maker,” Fortune 500 business consultant and author

You will get a chance to meet the speakers at Titanium, to talk with them and take away their nuggets of wisdom and successful business how-to.

And speaking of “successful business how-to,” have you given any more thought to those two words that complete the sentence, “Successful business is __________ _________?”

I’m going to tell you right now:

Successful business is successful marketing.

To take your business from five figures to six or six figures to seven depends on how effectively you market.

While that’s not all that’s covered at Titanium, it’s a huge part of it.

Titanium Mastermind is for you, no matter what level your business is at. If you’re just starting out, it will set you up for success and help you recognize mistakes before you make them. If you’re at five figures, you will be able to crack six. If you’re at six, you will be able to hit seven.

By clicking here, you can see all the benefits of Titanium and find out how to apply.



P.S. We have to limit the number of people we can accept at our business-building retreats in order to keep them intimate. If you wait, there’s a chance that there won’t be any more spots left to reserve. So click now to apply.


Subject: How To Crash Through Your Revenue Ceiling…

Hi, ___________,


Do you think about it very much?

Life on Earth is governed by certain laws. These are rules that control the way things are. One such law would be gravity: what goes up, must come down. When you drop a glass, it smashes on the floor because of the force of gravity.

Gravity just is. That’s reality.

Another law—one that’s not as well known—is that nothing stays the same for long. For instance, the human body ages. A person of 55 looks a lot different than they did at 16. Through proper diet, exercise and mindset, you can avoid getting “old” but you can’t stop the aging process.

A car won’t stay looking and running like new all by itself. You’ve got to wash it, wax it, service and repair it.

This reality is also true for your business, except it’s a little bit different….

You might be earning more now than you ever thought you could online.

You might be making more than you did at your last job. (It’s great, right?)

Doing what you’re currently doing, you can grow your income but you will eventually hit what we refer to as a “revenue ceiling.” Once you hit it, even if you increase the actions you’re currently doing, you will not be able to generate greater income.

That’s the reality.

And that’s why we created the Titanium Mastermind—because the things you did to make five figures are not the things you do to make six figures. (The same is true for seven figures and beyond.)

At the Titanium Mastermind event, one of the main things you discover is the power of systems.

When you have the right systems in place, you can “crack the ceiling” and scale your business far beyond its current limit.

The systems you will learn about at Titanium will solve all the problems that prevent businesses from growing:

• Personnel & personalities
• Organization & management
• Operations documentation
• Goals, action plans, and accountability
• and much more…

I am going to guess that right now you’re saying, “Sounds kinda…boring.”

The reality of it (there’s that word again…) is that if you don’t put a higher degree of order into your business, you simply won’t grow, no matter what else you do.

Titanium is largely about establishing order…laying the foundation that will take you far beyond your current ceiling—many stories up into the sky.

Creating order may not seem too glamorous but it has several benefits:

• less stress
• greater income
• a business that’s much more attractive to potential buyers

And you will learn about it over three days and four nights at a luxury resort, in an exotic location—think Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Fiji, and Malaysia. You’ll enjoy a luxury suite, bars, pools, spas, gourmet dining, and shopping.

That’s some pretty cool reality too, eh?

There’s so much more I could say about Titanium—including the high caliber of our guest speakers and all the FREE extras you get with it. But I’m nearly out of space, so go here for more details and to register now.



P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re not making five figures a year yet. It doesn’t even matter if your business is online or is brick and mortar. Every serious business owner eventually hits the revenue ceiling.

You’ll either (A) spend the rest of your life frustrated, banging against it, or you’ll (B) find out how to establish systems and order that allows you to blow right past the ceiling and continue on up.

If (B) sounds like you, register now for Titanium Mastermind now…and never get stopped by a ceiling.


Subject: All This FREE Stuff You Get with Titanium…

Hi ____________,

“But wait—there’s more!”

If those four words don’t bring a little smile to your face…then I’m going to guess you’ve never watched late-night TV.

That’s when stations usually broadcast infomercials—long-form commercials for everything from exercise equipment and workout programs to acne cures to kitchen products and even greatest hits music collections.

Usually, these products are already good deals but then…they make it even better. They do this in several ways:

• Two for the price of one
• Three for the price of one
• Huge price reduction at the end
• Free accessories
• “If you call now…”

I know, I know…it makes you roll your eyes a bit, right?

But wait—there’s more…

It’s true: A lot of infomercials are really over-the-top—loud, flashy, “salesy” and maybe even a little annoying.

But they sell a heck of a lot of stuff this way. (Example: ProActive Solutions’ infomercials have sold $2 billion worth of acne treatment since 1995).

It’s not because people are gullible. Rather, it’s because (a) the products are things that people need or want and (b) the company creates an offer so irresistible, people can’t say no.

So, what’s this got to do with you?

I suspect that you want to continue to grow your business. You want to know how to go from five to six figures—or maybe from six to seven figures.

Even if you’re not yet at five figures, you still want to understand how to create the kind of business structure that allows you to break through successive revenue ceilings and continue to grow, stably.

That structure is called The Three Pillars….

At Titanium Mastermind, you will find out about them:

• Systems
• Leverage
• Advanced Marketing

Over three days and four nights, our guest speakers—some of the world’s most successful business people—will train you in Systems. You will see how they eliminate stress and overwork, and allow you to really grow your business.

Once you’ve got a grip on systems, you get trained on Leverage—what to leverage and how. Discover existing and inexpensive resources you can leverage to free up your time to devote to your highest-value activities.

Then, you’re ready for training in Advanced Marketing strategies—powerful direct mail formulas, market domination tactics and more—traffic secrets that could double your leads every month. This is what really skyrockets your business but only if you have Systems and Leverage in place.

Titanium Mastermind takes place over three days and four nights at a luxurious resort in paradise. We’ve held past Masterminds in Cabo San Lucas, Thailand, Fiji, the Bahamas, and Curacao, among others. You’ll enjoy a luxury guest suite, pools, spas, exciting bars and fine dining, and a serene natural environment. All expenses are included in your membership.

It’s a true taste of luxury that you won’t want to leave after three days….

So, you can extend it…for free (almost).

Right now, as a member of the Titanium Mastermind, you get access to three bonus events:

• Traffic Summit – Though you will get traffic training at the Advanced Marketing strategies, we just can’t cover it all in one day. So, we’ve added the Traffic Summit—three days where we’ll expand and focus on each topic in greater depth.

Non-Titanium members pay $2,997 to attend the Traffic Summit. But it’s FREE to Titanium members.

• Conversion Summit – At Titanium, you will get a lot of training about conversion strategies but the Conversion Summit we will break down the topic of advanced conversions into greater detail—three days of nothing but Split-Testing for Exponential Growth, How to Scale Your Marketing, How to Track Large-Scale Campaigns and more.

Non-Titanium members pay $2,997 to attend the Conversion Summit. But you get it FREE with your Titanium membership.

• Leverage Summit – The Mastermind covers Leverage but the Leverage Summit is three total days of leverage, including How to Hire and Manage Virtual Assistants, Where to Find the Best Contractors for the Lowest Rates, How to Use Project Management Tools, and more.

Non-Titanium members pay $2,997 to attend the Leverage Summit. But it’s yours FREE as a Titanium member.

Each Summit is a full, separate, three-day event. As a Titanium member, you can stay in paradise and attend all three events for free. (You are responsible for lodging and expenses.)

But wait…

Yes, there is more—more FREE benefits when you join Titanium (including personal coaching…) but you can find out all about them when you register for Titanium.

Go here now to find out more and to register.

Then get ready to enjoy some time in paradise while you train on The Three Pillars and build a business structure that will take you to the upper reaches of seven figures.

Register now.




Subject: Five 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions, FREE…

Hello ___________,

Free coaching sessions. Sounds pretty good, right?

Before I tell you about it, I want to say something. It’s just an assumption of mine so please don’t be upset with me if I’m wrong, okay?

My assumption is you clicked on this email because you’d like to get five free coaching sessions.

“Uh…yeah, Captain Obvious,” you’re probably thinking. “That’s some pretty impressive insight you have.”

Okay, sure. It’s obvious. But what’s not so obvious is the situation you are currently facing with your business…. The one you haven’t yet figured out how to overcome…. The one you need some coaching to get past.

So, if you clicked on this email and you’ve read this far, I am guessing it’s because you’re not totally happy with how your business is doing. You want to improve it.

In a second, I am going to suggest a way you can do that. But first, let ask you another question: Do you keep up with the Olympics?

Jamaican-born athlete Usain Bolt has won 10 Olympic gold medals, among a multitude of other awards. He has been clocked at 28 miles per hour and is considered the world’s fastest competitive runner. But if the “Lightning Bolt” wants to move into the next highest speed range, he will have to change the way he travels. He can’t do it by continuing to run.

This is also true in your business: The actions you need to do to make six figures annually are not the same one you took to reach five figures.

Another true statement: The actions you take to make six figures are not the same ones you used to reach seven figures.

In any of these scenarios, continuing to do things the same way won’t get you into a new higher range. On the contrary, you may find that it causes your progress to move in reverse.

The actions you need to start doing are covered over three days and four nights at the Titanium Mastermind event.

As a Titanium Mastermind member, you will learn The Three Pillars that form the basis for the next phase of your business:

1. Systems – When you base your business on functions, you’ll save money on high-priced “executive” employees and your business will continue to function even if an employee leaves, gets sick, etc.

2. Leverage – Yes, it’s about other peoples’ time but it’s also about using certain resources (what are they?) to handle various tasks for you so that you can concentrate on your biggest money-making activities.

3. Advanced Marketing – We put this one at the end because you will get the most out of Advanced Marketing strategies only after you have Systems and Leverage in place.

Maybe the most amazing thing about Titanium Mastermind (like all of our Mastermind events) is that you receive this training from guest speakers who are among some of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketing successes today. Past speakers have included:

• Kevin Harrington of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” who has sold more than $4 billion worth of products through TV infomercials
• Fred Catona, the radio advertising genius who helped launch, among others
• Marshall Sylver, the “Millionaire Maker,” Fortune 500 business consultant and author
• Joe Sugarman, master copywriter whose work is responsible for selling 20 million pairs of Blu-Blocker sunglasses.

And even better, you get to absorb all of this knowledge in paradise. Past Titanium Masterminds have been held in the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Dominican Republic, Fiji, and Jamaica, among others.

It’s always somewhere exotic, where you can dig your toes into pristine sands, swim in blue water, and relax in the warm, tropical weather and quiet, star-filled nights.
Experience a luxury suite, spa, pools, bars, gourmet dining, and shopping.

Relaxed and far from the usual distractions—the traffic, the job, the dishes, etc.—is the best way to learn. You go home refreshed. Ready to implement. You take your business to new highs in the next year.

Get all of this—plus five FREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions plus plenty of other FREE stuff I haven’t told you about yet—when you register join the Titanium Mastermind.

Go here to find out more and to register.




Subject: How You CAN Take Your Business to 6 Figures…

Hello _______,

The secret of success—in any aspect of your life—is contained in a sentence that’s just 12 words long.

Do you want to know what it is?

I am going to tell you what it is very shortly.

Before I do, I just want to say that a secret—any secret—is only a starting place.

It’s like getting your hands on a map that shows you where the treasure is buried. That’s pretty great, right? But then there’s work involved. You still have to go find it and dig it up.

So, a secret is just the beginning. But it’s sure better than not knowing where to start.

So here it is: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

This powerful thought came from Henry Ford, who founded Ford Motor Company in 1903.

Now, you might be at a place with your business where you feel stuck. Maybe you’re making five figures a year and can’t seem to push past that, no matter what you do.

I totally know what that is like.

It leads you to think, “I can’t make six figures with this business.” And, as Ford’s quote says, you would be right. It’s not because it can’t be done, but because you think you can’t.

Maybe you even know you can’t.

And here’s another thing: If you don’t know what to do to get from five figures to six, again, you can’t get there.

People tend to focus on the problem. This only ensures that they keep having the problem. The trick is to focus on a solution. That’s the only way you ever find one.

And when you find it, then you start to think “I can!” And, like Ford said, you’re right.

There are a lot of things you could try but let me make this easy for you: Become a member of MOBE’s Titanium Mastermind and you will find out the three things you need to do to break through.

Over three days and four nights at Titanium, you will not only discover these three things…you’ll find out how to do them.

These three things will stabilize your business so that you actually can scale up—with less stress and less effort.

I’ll give you a little hint: One of these things has to do with marketing. Now sure…you could just expand your marketing but without the other two things in place, you’ll be working something like 28 hours a day and you simply won’t be able to deliver.

So, you’ve got to do all three.

And, you get do to it in paradise—literally, Titanium takes place at a resort on one of the world’s finest beaches (past Masterminds have been held in the Bahamas, Curacao, Dominican Republic, and Fiji, to name but a few): your toes in the white sand, an ice-cold drink in your hand, the tropical sun on your shoulders, and your work-a-day world and usual distractions thousands of miles away.

Sleep in a luxurious suite, enjoy gourmet dining and exciting bars, spas, pools, nightlife and shopping. (Yes, you will take your business to the next level while you’re on vacation, tasting a big slice of the how-the-other-half-lives.

Go here to find out more about Titanium (there’s a bunch of free stuff that comes with it) and how to register.

Next year at this time, you won’t even remember that you were once stuck at five figures.



P.S. If you’ve maxed out your efforts… If you’re stuck at a certain level of income and can’t make more… If you’ve hit the “ceiling” and seem to just keep banging against it… Register for Titanium and crack through that ceiling and scale up to a whole new income range.

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