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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Email Follow Up Sequence To Add To Your Autoresponder:

Email Swipe Example #1

Subject: Sun Goes Down But Your Income Doesn’t Have To…

Hello ________,

The sun is going down as I write you this message.

The light coming through the blinds in my office is pretty dim.

In about 30 minutes, it will be dark outside.

Right around now, a lot of people are in their cars. Some are on the bus or train. They’re all going home from their jobs.

I know that some of them make a lot of money at their jobs but most of them don’t.

And for the next 12 hours or so, they will relax (more or less) at home. Enjoy their families or friends. Watch TV. Then go to sleep. Most of them won’t make any money during that time.
They’ll have to wait until after the sun rises tomorrow, to clock in at work and start earning again. They sell their time for money. But there’s never enough of it to sell. Or they don’t get a very good price for it.

Yet there are people out there who do make money—a lot of it—whether the sun is blazing in the sky or has disappeared over the horizon. They make it even while they sleep.

I know because I’m one of them.

The way I do it is with MOBE’s Top Tier Income (TTI) system.

This is a real system—“a set of things working together, as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.” The TTI system includes:

• The products, services, and events
• All the marketing collateral
• Full administration

TTI gives you access to more than 300 products, services, and events—all proven sellers. You don’t have to create a single product or event to sell.

MOBE’s marketing includes hundreds of websites, landing pages, sales pages, articles, videos—even emails like this one you’re reading. You don’t have to write any copy, do any coding, or design. It’s all been done for you.

MOBE handles the customer service, the bookkeeping, and we even do the sales, if you don’t want to.

What kind of money can you make with this system?

John Chow, a MOBE partner from Orange Country, California, has made more than $1 million in commissions with the TTI system.

Terry Lamb, from Michigan, has made more than $254,375 with TTI.

I admit that those are not typical results. Terry and John are among MOBE’s biggest earners.

So what about Ken Faminoff from Alberta, Canada? He earned $34,919 in his first eight months online with TTI.

Mike Morin from Bakersfield, California made $2,500 in just his first two weeks with TTI.

There are more features and perks, which you can read about here.

And it is not expensive to get started—MOBE has kept the price low—really low—so that you can start making commissions online now.



P.S. MOBE is so confident that the TTI system will work for you that they put a full One-Year No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee. Get it. If you decide within 12 months that TTI is not for you, get a full refund, no questions asked.


Email Swipe Example #2

Subject: Stop the Rain? You Can with This…

We have rain here today and it’s falling pretty heavily, too.

I had a plan to go hiking with a couple friends today. I just got off of a three-way call with them. We decided to postpone for a better day. None of us was keen on hiking through the mud.

So, instead of being out in the fresh air, getting some sun and some exercise with my buddies, I’m inside, writing this email. Looking up every so often at the grey sky and the relentless falling water outside my window.

Rainy day…

You’ve probably heard that saying about “saving for a rainy day,” right?

When I was a kid, I thought it meant to put aside a little bit of money so you could go to the store and buy something—a new toy or comic book—to keep yourself entertained when it was raining and you couldn’t go outside and play.

I was close…but not quite right.

The metaphor “rainy day” means “a future time of need or trouble, especially in a financial sense.”

What if you could make it so that that you never had any rainy days?

I don’t mean that you control the weather. But you could avoid times of financial trouble or need.

With MOBE’s Top Tier Income (TTI) program, it’s possible.

TTI is an online marketing system that anyone can use to start making big commissions: $1,625… $4,800… and $8,000 from high-ticket sales.

If you’re new to the idea, don’t let that “online” part scare you. You don’t have to be a computer expert or an internet whiz.

If you are familiar with online marketing, understand right now that TTI is not like any other opportunity you’ve seen or worked with.

The main difference is the products. They are “top tier,” which is the same as “high-ticket.” With TTI, you aren’t selling $10 and $25 ebooks to people for tiny commissions.

You’re selling premium business education and training products—the kind that pays commissions of $1,625, $4,800, and $8,000, like I mentioned earlier. In fact, with TTI, you can make up to $15,200 in commissions from a single customer.

The audience for these products recognises value and they’re willing to pay for it, too.

And you don’t even have to know much about marketing to start making money with TTI.

So how does TTI prevent rainy days?

Lifetime commissions: The customers you generate with TTI are yours for life. You make the commission on any future purchases they make—even if you didn’t sell it to them.

TTI also has built-in residual income streams that can give you an extra $150 per month, from each of your customers, for life.

You can have this without doing any selling, if you don’t want to. But if you’re comfortable talking to people on the phone, answering a few questions, and closing the sale, you can make even bigger commissions.

And the price of admission for TTI is low—way less than you think.

Is the sun peeking through the clouds yet?

I’ve only told you some of the story. You can get the rest here.


P.S. Don’t let the rainy days catch you unprepared. With TTI, you get lifetime commissions and residuals each time your customer makes another purchase—even if you didn’t sell it to them. That means making money while you’re asleep. Get started with TTI now and prevent your rainy days from ever happening.


Email Swipe Example #3

Subject: To Sell or Not To Sell? You Profit Either Way…

Hello ________,

Do you hate to sell?

I am going to guess you said “yes.”

The idea of selling for a living—on commission only—is terrifying to a lot of people.

But the beauty of commission sales is that your income isn’t limited like it is on a salary or hourly wage. You’re paid in proportion to your ability to close sales. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Some people just don’t want to risk it.

But others would rather not risk having a mediocre life, struggling financially…living on a limited income.

With MOBE’s Top Tier Income (TTI) program, you can make big commissions without getting on the phone.

And I’m not talking about little 20 or 30 percent commissions on some low-priced ebooks. I am talking about commissions of $1,250…$3,300…and $5,500 per sale.

But if you’re comfortable with getting on the phone, talking to people, answering their questions, and closing sales, you make even bigger commissions: $1,625… $4,800…and $8,000 per sale.

Here’s how it works: The TTI system attracts eager buyers for MOBE’s high-ticket programs. MOBE’s fully optimized sales funnels “pre-sell” these programs to your leads.

Then, you can choose to have MOBE’s in-house sales team contact the lead and close the sale and, because it’s your lead, you will get a nice commission: $1,250… $3,300… and $5,500.

Or, if you want, you can talk to these “pre-sold” buyers yourself, answer a few questions, and close the sale, for even bigger commissions: $1,625… $4,800… and $8,000!

And you’re not locked in: you can close all of your own sales, none of them, or just some of them. It’s your choice.

Any way you choose, you profit with the TTI system.

Who buys these high-ticket education products? MOBE’s courses and live events are professional-level products, tailored for people who are serious about starting a business or expanding one.

The audience for these products knows the value of good information. They know that even one good idea from one of these products can have a return on investment of ten to one.

So they don’t blink at the idea of spending several thousand dollars for MOBE’s training.

Matt Lloyd, MOBE’s founder, has discovered the business information market to be insatiable. He’s had many customers spend tens of thousands of dollars on MOBE programs. Those same customers had spent similar amounts on competing products and services as well.

He’s even had clients spend as much as $50,000 for a single MOBE product (a one-on-one consulting program with Matt himself.)

The reason I am telling you this is that the demand for business training and education in continuous. That’s why MOBE has more than 300 products, services and events that you can sell (or let our in-house sales team sell for you) for generous commissions.

And you make them for life. Any time your lead makes a MOBE purchase, you get a commission—even if you knew nothing about the sale.

With TTI, you get all the benefits of a commission sales income without having to sell to people (if you don’t want to).

Find out more about TTI here.



P.S. TTI is one of the only ways I know of that you can make these kinds of huge commissions without having to get on the phone and sell to people—if you don’t want. And the commissions are even “huger” if you do want to handle the sale. Either way, you profit. Get started now.


Email Swipe Example #4

Subject: Easy: Close “Pre-Sold” Leads for Big Commissions…

Hello ________,

What would you rather do:

1. Close someone who calls you, ready to buy, or
2. Cold call someone who is not familiar with your product/service and try to sell it to them?

I am going guess that you answered 1.

But a lot of people, when they think of “sales,” think of 2.

Cold calling is one way to make sales but it’s the hardest and least effective way to go.

I recommend it never.

The total opposite of cold calling is hot, highly targeted leads calling you up with their credit card in hand.

“Sounds great,” you’re thinking, right?

That’s what you get with MOBE’s Top Tier Income program (TTI). You promote MOBE’s high-ticket business training products and you make commissions of $1,625… $4,800…even $8,000 per sale.

“Oh, come on. For me to get that kind of commission on a sale, the product would have to cost five figures. People won’t pay that much for information…will they?”

They do. Over and over.

When Matt Lloyd started MOBE, he decided to focus on small business owners and people who are serious about going into business. This audience doesn’t decide to buy based on price; they decide based on return on investment (ROI). So a $10,000 or $15,000 sale isn’t expensive if the information they get will help them make an extra $25,000 or $50,000 in the next year.

Matt Lloyd is a successful small business owner himself (more than $150 million in sales so far). He still continues to pay for consulting services and business training—upwards of $150,000 worth of it per year. And he’s not the only success who continues to pay for the knowledge and guidance of people more successful than himself.

So yes, people will pay five figures and more. Matt has had MOBE customers who spent $50,000 with him whom he knew had also spent about the same amount with his competitors.

The thing that he’s noticed is that this particular audience has an insatiable appetite for information to help them succeed…and they have the money to pay for it, too.

When you sign up for MOBE’s TTI program, you will be guided through the MOBE system which will show you how to find these kinds of people and get them to visit one of MOBE’s offers (pages that promote one of MOBE’s business training products).

At that point, the MOBE system does all the selling. You become a coach to these leads. You answer a few questions and close them when they call you.

MOBE’s system is a million-dollar sales funnel that is continually optimized for maximum conversions.

Matt started building it in 2011 and it’s taken several years and upwards of $1 million dollars to reach its current state—thousands of landing pages, sales pages, videos, websites, continuous email marketing, and more. It’s highly effective at pre-selling leads.

Most online marketers don’t have the time or resources to create such an extensive and effective funnel. That’s why it makes sense to become a MOBE partner : you get the benefit of this system and all you have to do is drive traffic to it.

And TTI is priced so low, too–especially considering the financial possibilities it gives you.

Need more info about Top Tier Income? Get it here.



P.S. Oh! I forgot the mention the lifetime commissions and residual income streams that you get with TTI. Find out about them here.

P.S.S. Did I mentioned that TTI has a full one-year money-back guarantee? So you risk nothing. Buy it, study it, and if you end up deciding that it’s not for you, MOBE will refund your purchase price, no questions asked.


Email Swipe Example #5

Okay, you’ve received a few emails from me about MOBE’s Top Tier Income program (TTI) and I think I know what you’re thinking:

“This is a scam. It’s gotta be a scam. No way am I getting involved with this scam.”

Then an hour goes by and you realize you’re thinking, “That sounds really good. What if it is really good and I miss out?”

Am I pretty much right?

You can drive yourself a bit nutty going back and forth like this.

If you analyze it, you’ll see that either way, you’re reacting to fear: Fear of being scammed or fear of missing a great opportunity.

Obviously, there are some times when fear is appropriate and can save your life, like when you’re being charged by an angry grizzly bear or you’re out in the open in a lightning storm.

But in reading about an offer like TTI and deciding to get started with it? There’s no threat there. Nothing to fear.

And the thing with fear is that everybody feels it—even the most successful men and women in history. The difference is that the successful ones don’t let fear stop them. They tip their hat to it, and step over or around it.

See? Fear is small. You are much bigger.

And either way, you stand to lose nothing when you sign up for TTI because it carries MOBE’s one-year, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. So up until 365 days, if you decide that TTI is not for you, just contact MOBE customer service and request a refund. You’ll get it—no questions asked.

So, there is absolutely no fear involved with this decision—only potential.

Like the potential of making commissions of $1,625… $4,800… and $8,000 from sales of MOBE’s high-ticket business training products and events.

…the potential of lifetime commissions on any of your customers’ future purchases—even if you didn’t close the sale…even if you didn’t know about it!

…the potential to make continuous monthly residual income of $150 or more on each of your customers.

Getting started with TTI is ridiculously inexpensive in terms of money and very reasonable in terms of the amount of time it will take you to get through the training (as little as an hour a day).

You can think about this for the rest of your life. Wonder if you should have done it…or you can do it and discover what thousands of people on four continents have already discovered: the top-tier income that’s available with MOBE’s TTI system.

Find out more here.



P.S. You know that old expression, “You snooze, you lose?” It means if you hesitate, you miss an opportunity. Fact is, the price of TTI has remained the same for six years and MOBE is considering raising it. It’s an incredible value right now but the price is so low, that some people think “it can’t be worth much at that price” because our competitors’ products cost so much more. So, they might raise the price in order to maintain the right value image.

Don’t snooze. Sign up for TTI while it’s still under priced.

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